CE Marking

CE mark is a declaration of the responsible person, that product complies with the requirements of EU which extend on the given product, and corresponding compliance evaluation procedures have been executed. Abbreviation "CE" in French designates "Conformité Européene", that means European acknowledgement.

  • CE Marking provides free movement of marked product in European Fair Trade Association and European Union single market.
  • CE Marking is obligatory and each product should be marked before it gets into the market, unless there are other references in EU directives. Product cannot be marked with a CE Mark if there is no reference about that in EU directives.
  • CE Marking is obligatory to:
    • all new products, whether they are made in European Union or in third countries;
    • imported and used products from third countries;
    • modified products, to which directives are applied as to a new products.
  • Manufacturer or its authorized representative in the European Union has to mark a product. CE Mark should be the certain form. At resizing CE Mark should retain proportion. The smallest height of a mark can be 5 mm.


  • CE Mark should be put on a product or on its table of data so that the mark would be visible, legible and nonerasable. If it is impossible to make it or it is unessential from features of a product, the mark should be put on packing if it exists, and on accompanying documents if such documents are specified in related directives.