Certification procedure

Description of the procedure

Application forms

1. Application. The client, who wants to certificate products, should deliver the application
(1st Form) to EGSC. Product maintenance instruction in Lithuanian language and normative document regulating the requirements for the product are to be attached. Client has to bring and other documents (design, technological documents, etc.) on EGSC request.

2. EGSC Certification department investigates the application and makes a decision on certification.

3. The contract on carrying out certification works between the client and EGSC is signed.

4. The conformity of the products with the specified requirements shall be verified by tests in testing laboratories. The samples of products submitted for testing shall be of the same construction and composition and manufactured according to the same technology as the products supplied to the consumer.

5. Manufacture conditions are under control too. The client should fill the Pre-license factory inspection report.

6. Evaluation of the compliance with the requirements of normative documents.

7. At the positive decision about product compliance the license contract is signed and the Certificate of Conformity is made out.

8. Official registration of Certificate of Conformity. EGSC gives out Certificates of Conformity depending on certification procedure, on the basis of testing, estimation of manufacture conditions and stability of production quality check results. The Certificate of Conformity entitles to mark production with EGSC sign of conformity.

9. Checking of certificated production quality stability.


Products can be certificated on the basis of the documents which have been given out by others accredited certification bodies and testing laboratories (testing reports, manufacture conditions control reports, conformity assessment reports etc.), if:

 a) those documents are given out by EGSC partners;

 b) the documentation provided is formalized by signatories of Multilateral Recognition Agreements of certification bodies and testing laboratories accredited by the European Co-operation for Accreditation (EA) or the International Accreditation Forum (IAF) or the International Organization for the Accreditation of Laboratories (ILAC);

In this case, the application (Form No.2) shall be accompanied by copy of document certifying compliance (test report, certificate of conformity, etc.), product, instructions for use in the original and Lithuanian language, other documents regulated by contracts and promotional material.

1. The application for product certification.

2. The application for product certification (if the Certificate of Conformity is given out by foreign countries accredited certification bodies).

Additional documents